Reel 'em In! Catch The Big One 2

Specifically designed with the mechanical player in mind, the Reel ‘em In! Catch the Big One 2 theme offers a unique opportunity not only to hook one local-area progressive, but when accompanied by max bet, the potential to catch all 8 progressives in one bonus round!

Trigger the Fishing Feature with 3 lure symbols in the free spin bonus and cast your reels out to sea as 8 progressive fish swim around the top screen. Catch a fish and remove it from the pool as remaining fish continue to swim around eager for their chance to bite! Once all 7 fish are caught, 3 additional lure symbols allow you the chance to catch the big one: the top progressive Rainbow Fish.

Featuring a round top with glass over an incandescent LED monitor and a clear LED panel that allows full visibility of the reels, this low-denomination BLADE Stepper theme is sure to be a swimmingly good time – no trout about it!