MyOaklawn Q & A

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1. What kind of devices can be used?

Oaklawn’s on track mobile wagering site works with any smart phone – BlackBerrys, iPhones and Androids can all be used as can iPads and almost any laptop or tablet computer.  Additionally most other phones and other devices that have a web browser will work as well.

2. Do I need a special app for my phone or mobile device? If so, how do I download it?

MyOaklawn is a web based application and therefore does not require a special device specific program to work. There’s no need to download anything.

3. How do I use Oaklawn Mobile?

First, set up an account by visiting the Information Booth. Here you will be given instructions and a temporary pin number. Then, go to any mutuel window marked “MyOaklawn” and deposit a minimum of $20 into your account. Now, just set your smart phone to Oaklawn’s free Wi-fi (which appears as MyOaklawn in your device) and go to to begin placing your wagers.

4. Can I use this from home?

No, this can only be used on Oaklawn’s grounds.

5. What wagers can be made using MyOaklawn? Can I only play Oaklawn’s races or can I play the simulcast races as well?

MyOaklawn will allow you to wager on any of the live races as well as the simulcast races that are being offered on that particular day. It will also offer the same wagering as if you were placing a bet at the betting window. 

6. How do I get my winnings?

Just return to any of the MyOaklawn windows to cash out your winnings. Or, if you have already left the property, please download this form here and return.

7. How do I get a win-statement?

To find instructions, click here. For the form, click here.

8. Why does my mobile device have a security message when I try to access the Oaklawn network? 

Your device probably needs an update.  You can click “Continue” and this will tell your phone that the site is safe.  You shouldn’t get this warning again.

9. How will I get my money back if a horse scratches? 

Once the pool is official the system will credit your account for the proportional amount. 

10. Can I use a credit card or check to deposit money into my account? 

No, we only accept cash deposits.

11. Do I have to withdraw all of my money each day or have a balance to keep my account? 
No, money can be left in or withdrawn at any time and there is no balance requirement to keep your account active.

12. If I have an IRS win and my mobile device is displaying the “Please go to a designated MyOaklawn teller window to release IRS Escrow.” do I have to release it right then? 

No, you can release the IRS win whenever you would like.  However, your winnings will not be available for use until you process the release.

13. Can I use my Winners Circle number as my mobile wagering account number? 

No, for security reasons the two numbers have to be different.  However you can link your two accounts and earn rewards points.  Just visit any MyOaklawn teller  or Information Booth and ask  to have your accounts linked.

14. What do I do if I forget my account and pin number? 

Go to a MyOaklawn teller window and present your driver’s license. They can look this information up for you.

15. Do I have to enter my account number and pin every time I access my account? 

You will have to have your mobile device remember this information by changing the settings. Turn on the autofill names and passwords.
16. Where do I go for additional help? 

Please go to the Information Booth located on the first floor.

17. Can I cancel my bet if I make a mistake?     

Yes, new in 2013, you can now cancel a bet as long as it is before five minutes to post.

18. How do I create an icon on my home screen?

You will want to perform this step from the "Access MyOaklawn" screen that you come to after you have clicked the MyOaklawn banner. This will give you the Silks and Horseshoe icon that you see displayed on our literature.

Apple Products: Look for and tap on the box with an arrow pointing right. Choose the "Add to Home Screen" option. Tap the "Add" Button.

Droid Products: Press and hold the MyOaklawn Mobile Wagering link until a pop-up screen appears. Choose "Add Bookmark". Open your bookmarks. Press and hold the MyOaklawn bookmark until the pop-up menu appears. Choose "Add to Home Screen" or "Add Shortcut to Home". Some Droid phones require that you tap the Menu button then choose the "Add Shortcut" option. You will then be able to press and hold the MyOaklawn bookmark to add the icon.

BlackBerry: Press and hold the MyOaklawn Mobile Wagering link until a pop-up screen appears. Choose "Full Menu". Choose "Add to Home Screen." Click the "Add" button.

Mobile devices and personal settings do vary. Please see the Racing Information Booth if you need additional help.