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High Tie Bonus 

High Tie Bonus is an optional side bet. This bet must be placed before the start of the round.

• Any first two cards listed on the pay table are a winner for any player placing the High Tie Bonus bet.

• A High Tie Bonus winner is when both the player and the Dealer have a Blackjack.

It pays as follows.


First two cards pay

High Tie Blackjack - 50X

Suited Blackjack - 15X

Suited Pair - 10X

Blackjack - 6X

Any Pair - 3X


Buster Bonus Bet 

The Buster Bonus is an optional side bet that allows you to bet that the Dealer will bust. The greater the number of cards in the Dealers’ busted hand, the higher the payoff.

If the Dealer doesn’t or can’t have a blackjack and the player has a blackjack, the main wager is paid and the game plays out.

If the Dealer does not bust, all Buster Bonus side bets lose. If the Dealer busts, all Buster Bonus side bets are paid according to the pay table. Payoff odds vary with the number of cards in the Dealer’s busted hand.


Buster Bonus Pays

Number of Cards in Dealer’s Busted Hand

Table 1

8 or more - 250X

7 - 50X

6 - 15X

5 - 4X

3 or 4 - 2X