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Strike Up The Band

February 10, 2011

Hey Leader, Strike up the Band. Melting away as fast as a young love, the snow from Wednesday's "Snowplosion" in Hot Springs was disappearing on Thursday even though the temperature wasn't really approaching the freezing mark. In case one was inclined to overlook the power of sunlight to make things happen, in this case it was appears like the sun is on Oaklawn's payroll to allow racing to return on Friday. Read More


Amateur Meteorologist Reporting In

February 08, 2011

When I first wrote this, I didn't double-check the date of the Southwest. So some of you are now confused. Here is the real truth. As long as I've been in racing at Oaklawn there are hundreds of amateur meteorologists who come onto the scene in January and February with their takes on the likely weather conditions in the area. Read More


Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

February 05, 2011

A song that is normally sung in December, "Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful", fits in nicely in this first weekend of February at Oaklawn. Countless disappointed officials, trainer, jockeys and fans lost four fun days of racing at Oaklawn, equaling the record of lost racing days in a season at the Hot Springs track. Read More


Things Are Tough All Over, Except for Larry Jones

February 02, 2011

Ouch!! Every week it seems Mother Nature is handing American racing a blow and putting many a horseman back in his training for the exciting races of the Spring. Oaklawn has only raced in January for the past 20 years, but primarily it is in the past decade has seen the early openings of racing at Oaklawn compromised by Mother Nature. Read More


Stay Tuned

January 29, 2011

I know that Broadway shows have an opening and closing. Closure seems to be a fact of life that people prefer. That being the case, we had closure on a long-developing record at Oaklawn on Friday afternoon and, for the first time ever, it involved me. Read More

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