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Ugh!! Bridesmaid Three Times

July 30, 2013

Given different circumstances we might be celebrating big-time at Oaklawn these days. Instead three different races, which would have made for a big weekend here in Hot Springs, were turned into mere runner-up efforts and we were victims of the usual suspects in New York, named Pletcher and McGaughey. Read More



July 20, 2013

Read More



July 03, 2013

When a substantial number of us gathered at Oaklawn for a memorial service to Donnie Ellison, longtime staffer and track superintendent, I was reminded of just what Oaklawn has meant to many of us and may mean to many in the future. Read More


The Underdog

June 26, 2013

Over the past weekend the headlines in local newsprint hailed the success of a fellow named Ken Duke, who came out of nowhere to win his first-ever professional golf tournament, called the Travelers Championship. The tournament was played in Connecticut, a long way from central Arkansas and hardly a spot where the words “home field advantage” might be used. Read More



June 03, 2013

Hot Springs, Arkansas, is not very far as the crow flies from the parts of Oklahoma which have suffered terrible loss of property and life due to the latest flurry of storms and tornadoes. It came dangerously close to the city of Hot Springs over the weekend when the western fringes of the area suffered important property damage due to the stormy conditions and areas west of here, bumping on the Oklahoma border, even suffered loss of life, largely attributable to flood. For the many of us who use highway 270 out of Hot Springs when we head north to the Fayetteville area and points north, the areas where flooding occurred are on land where we have all traveled many times. Read More

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